We use Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) to screen for the presence of a drug or metabolite. When positive on the EIA screen, the sample is sent to confirmation for more specific analytical methods, if ordered by the physician. This qualitative testing can be performed at the lab or in a CLIA-Waived physician’s office with a Point-of-Care Test device.

Many physicians enjoy the benefits of a Point-of-Care Test, which allows for the initial screening by immunoassay to take place in the office at the time of the patient’s visit. Further testing at the laboratory is recommended for confirmation of initial results. 

Premier Medical is committed to our role in educating physicians on the requirement by 
the Office of the Inspector General/Health and Human Services that all testing ordered must be deemed medically necessary. As part of our compliance plan , we offer full disclosure of the CPT codes we will bill with, along with the corresponding Medicare Fees so that providers may consider those facts as they make their selections.

Lab Services

 is proud to offer MD HealthPro which consist of MDHeartPro, MDWellnessPro, MDGeneticPro, MDAllergyPro, MDDrugPro, and MDChemistryPro.

We are a highly complex, advance diagnostic lab that specializes in the following area’s

General / Routine Chemistries
Advanced Cardiovascular Testing
Allergen – Specific IgE Blood Testing
Women’s Health
Patient RX Monitoring
Wellness Panel

In addition PMLS offers a highly trained and experienced staff while providing consistent, accurate and diagnostically meaningful test information for the clients that we serve. 

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