While many services may be commonly viewed as commodities, it's important to understand that services can be an added value to your practice. Choosing the right partner is imperative in this age of declining reimbursements and a “volume vs. quality” environment. At United Medical Alliance we have built our reputation in working with a “Value-Add Partner”. Unity Medical Alliance offers...

  • an Osteoarthris (OA) clinic for patients who persists with various knee and joint pain
  • In-office ultrasounds
  • ​Routine and video EEG for patients suspected to have seizures and epileptic events
  • ​Clinical Research Trials and Studies (Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Sleep Studies, Cancer Screening, etc.)


​​Revenue Participation

Did you know that in most states providers can participate in the revenue generated through services they are currently offering to their patients everyday? Most companies won't allow provider participation as it cuts into their already declining revenue. Our partners not only allow participation but also provide the highest “research quality” services in the industry. These are the large players in the medical community that serve the industry in the background both domestically and internationally. Right now, you are passing that revenue along to your current service providers. Why not provide those services in-house and enjoy the revenue your service providers are currently keeping to themselves?